Saturday, July 01, 2006

June's Hug Hug Club

Here are the list of stalkers for Creature Called Jane in June!!

Golden Stalker - L B (89)
Silver Stalker - may (46)
Bronze Stalker - Simple American (40)

neko - 11
Selba - 8
misti - 7
car@koala - 5
Jeremy - 3
Lyn - 3
PY - 3
Umm - 3
Adrian - 1
angel - 1
JY - 1
keatix - 1

Thank you for stalking me, and I would love to have you stalking more and more... I will not be able to update my blog as often this month as I will be on my journey... But I will try to tell you about my trip.

Hugs for everyone...


LB said...

Waaaa!!!!!!! Wow!!! Blaaaammmm!!!

Ok, I won't be able to stalk much either!! Big HUGS, Jane.. Enjoy your journey..

may said...

HUGS to you, Jane! and have a safe journey!

may said...

remember to say hi to Stefano in Italy, yea? have loads of fun!

Selba said...

Wooo hooo.. got an 8!!!

Whoaaaa... LB got 89!!!


mistipurple said...

*whistle whistle... must recount!
(boy, i am so mean and kiasu..)
sometimes i turn into spam and those times should count too! BIGGER GRIN. i was mean too at Simple American's. hahahaaa.

mistipurple said...

hmm. lemme see. i have to post twice to appear. i shall see if this works. ABRACADABRAAAAA. MISTI APPEARS!!

mistipurple said...

oppsieeeeee. sumimasennnnn i forgot it's moderated comments here. *blush....

Jane said...

H U G L B: GOLDDDDDDDDD AGAIN!!!!!!! Enjoy your home trip too!

H U G may: Thanks..I will

H U G Selba: No one gets 69 yet.. don't worry!

H U G misti: hmmm.... that result is the final... don't worry.. you've done good job misti!

neko said...

man~ my stalking performance is down! i normally stalk much better than that... :P

mistipurple said...

wishing you a wonderful journey, and i will have you in my heart when you are away.

Jane said...

H U G neko: stalk more yes! the only answer!

H U G misti
: will be in my heart too!

simple american said...

Oh thank you thank you. Woo Hoo! I am a winner. muacks for Jane. Hugs too!!!

Jeremy said...

wow, I'm late on this one! *hugs* for my baby :-)

Umm said...

Hugs hugs...
till we meet again ja

Adrian Roberts said...

I'll always love hugging you jane your a sweet,happy,caring,cute lady your a joy to to hug

Adrian Roberts said...

Great big hugs for the world greatest person named jane or should that be sweet Jane