Thursday, December 28, 2006

Floating Market and Crocodile farm

Jane loves elephants
Jeremy also loves elephants
And mama loves elephants too!!

Last Saturday we went to Floating market at Damneunsaduak, Ratchaburi about 120 km from Bangkok. There were 8 of us, 4 from Myanmar (Emily and her family), and 4 from my family (Mama, my brother, Jeremy and me).
Waking up 6 am... getting ready, the van picking us up at 6.30 am...going to Baiyok Suite hotel to pick up Emily's family and friend... 7.30 am we're heading to floating market!

Arriving there around 9 am... the weather was so nice.. cool.. we took the little tour (1000 baht for 4 people in one boat) along the canals for about 2 hours... then we were off to Sampran Crocodile farm& zoo in Nakorn pathom province. For the ticket... Thai 80 baht, Foreigner 500 baht!!! (Foreigner gets better seat for the show though)

We saw 3 shows: Magician show, Elephants show and Crocodiles show... it was very fun... we really had good time there... I have some videos from this trip which you can see in Jeremy's blog. I have only photos here... (too lazy to upload)

After that we stopped at Don wai market..for a little shopping on the way back to Bangkok. So many food there... hmm... love it!

Coming back to Bangkok...when the sun starting to set... it's another good day we had. Now we're planning for next trip not far from Bangkok, one day trip or weekend trip.. :-)
I can't stop traveling!!! More travel more fun!!! (and more photos)

Now I gotta get back to my work... Ciao!


may said...

those melons on the boat look like giant grapes from your angeled shot, LOL!! so cool! I've yet to visit Bangkok, maybe in a couple of years' time. your Mama is such a regal and elegant-looking lady!

LB said...

Very nice, pretty pictures! Some stunners there too.. Love the Croc! Your mum looks happy, as does Jeremy! And you too!!! HUGS!!

Jeremy said...

Yes, I do love elephants! I was telling Jane that I hope to be an elephant in a future life, and she told me that it would be a step backwards from being a was an interesting little discussion we had...but this trip has made me like the elephants even more! They're so cool, and they're great dancers!

Sowrsman said...

I wanna be there!! I wanna be there....
Nice photos and nice weather!!! with sun!!!
Send me some of that sun!!

neko said...

dang! you beat me to it! hehe... :)
where should we meet for dinner/drinks?

simple american said...

Nice to see you mom looking well.

That market looks cool. Can you make purchases while you are on tour.

What kind of seeds do you plant to get an aligator? hehe


Sorry I missed you on IM. Catch you soom!

Selba said...

Long time not being in here!!! How are you Jane?

So you change your template again, hehehe...

Whooaaaaa... very nice pictures!!!