Monday, December 18, 2006

Postcard from Singapore

Look! What I found in my mailbox today! It's a postcard! from Singapore!!!!

According to this post from PY... Here it is! I've got the postcard from her. Thank you so much! I wish I could win the prize.... but I also know that simple american is another person who will get this postcard or maybe he already got it... and I think it'd be better if he could win, so I can fly to SG with cheap low-cost airline to party with all the bloggers in Singapore!!!

What do you think? Then let's pray for simple american to win this postcard project!!!
*Don't forget to cross your fingers too!*


Jeremy said...

So if you win, you can bring me too! Sweet, I wanna go!

may said...

a prize to win?
I'll cross my fingers for anyone who wants to win!

py said...

There is at least six grand prizes. Let's hope both of you and SA win.

And I see part of my address and my full name being scary.

Umm said...

everywhere is an eating paradise for Jane hee heee

JY said...

i sent those to my coursemates too. should have thought of sending them to you (Jane) and other blogger friends abroad.

simple american said...

Six prizes!!!!

Lets win Janey. :)

carakoala said...