Saturday, December 09, 2006

MotorExpo '06


Chevy car

Another Chevy
Mazda cars
Everyone is here to see the cars!!!
And see? This is a cool car! I told you... I went there for cars!

I went to the MotorExpo '06 today at Challenger Hall... The reason I went there? Oh.. right! Of course I went to see the cars... what do you think I went to the motor show for? My brother wants to buy a car, so we all went there to see the cars to find out which model we really like. 80 baht we paid for the ticket...not bad as you can see many nice cars... all pretty and they really made me drooling... I'm definitely talking about pretty... what a day!


Jeremy said...

I went to see motorcycles, and there weren't many....but it was cool anyways.

L B said...

Who wants to look at cars when there are so many accessories like those around?!!

may said...

motorshows = babes... *grin*
that's all I see in these photos anyway, LOL! great shots of the girls!

simple american said...

I like leopard skin. Woo hoo!

Swordsman said...

Definitely I like cars, specially these moldels...

neko said...

thank you for this posst :)