Monday, May 22, 2006

Green, Pink and Yellow

Hmm.. as recent posts are about colours, why not another one???
I got this mail from a friend... It's "Why Thai people must learn English?"

Three men, a Russians, a French and a Thai went to work in USA.

Arrived there the boss wanted to get sure that they speak English before he offers them a job.
So he told them to write a paragraph in English containing the words green, pink and yellow.

The French wrote : I wake up in the morning and when I opened the window
I saw the yellow sun shining on the green hill and I said this is going to be a pink day.

The Russian wrote : I wake up in the morning, I brushed my teeth with my pink toothbrush,
and I put on my green jeans and my yellow shirt before going out.

Then it was the turn of the Thai and he wrote : I woke up in the morning
because the telephone was ringing "green green" so I pink up the phone and said
" Yellow who is it ?"



simple american said...

Yellow. It's me. :)

may said...

it's me, the yellow duckie! teehee!

LB said...

Ho Ho Ho Ho!! Funnny!!!.... Ha Ha

Chen said...

This is a good one :D

Kunstemaecker said...

The phone went green green ROFLOL

slurp! said...

creative uses/abuses of english; hmm ... perhaps that's why thai are creative? :D

Jane said...

@SA: Yellow? Can you hear me?

@may: Oh! It's you, yellow duckie!

@LB: hehehe...

@chen: Thanks...yes, it is!

@Kunstemaecker: :D

@slurp!: Of course! Thai people are creative and funny!!

J said...

i wanted to say 'yellow?' but may said it already..hahaah.. so yeah i like pink..hahaha..