Friday, May 19, 2006

I hate Netherlands Embassy!!!

You want to know the reasons why I hate Netherlands embassy here in Bangkok?
Well, the staffs are bad, bad manner...They are pretty yes! but don't let their beauty fools you..they are evil!

I don't understand if they are not happy with their work (they never smiled, they always make face and they are not helpful at all), why don't they just quit the job?!? If they don't want to give visa to people,then close the visa section please! And go back to the heck (I don't know how to spell that city--Heck) where they're from!

And...the reason I'm so mad at them now is because they gave me only 15 days stay for schengen visa!!! I asked for 18 days!!!! I never had problem when getting schengen visa from Belgium Embassy 2 years ago, they gave me 30 days to stay (and I asked for 14 days only) and less trouble with the Belgian...


So I have to shorten my trip... and come back to Thailand earlier than I planned.
No more dutch embassy!!! I should write letter to Ambassador or Consule on this...
What are they thinking? All Thai women who are going to Netherlands, are prostitutes?
To have legal prostitute business in their country has nothing to do with Thai women!!! And I'm not going there to work in Red Light district!!!

Only 3 days in Netherlands is enough for me! I will not support their tourism! I will be there for my friend's wedding... and that's it!

I should write letter to consule! Yeah! I will do this monday! I wish they cancel my visa, so I can go get a new one from other schengen country!!(which is nicer and has good manner staffs)

I hate The Netherlands!!!


LB said...

Dear Angry Jane,
I know how you feel! I detest anyone who has anything to do with Immigration. For instance, have you ever noticed how so many Immigration Officers look like their wives/husbands really gave them a bad time the night before? Dang, and at the same time, their country is trying so hard to woo tourism in. It's so pathetic.. You'd think, from their demeanour that the worst job in the world is being an Immigration Officer. ..

Jane said...

LB: The gold catcher! They make me want to work for embassy and I will be worse than they are!!! Muahahahaha.... kiss my ass baby...yeah? Visa rejected!!!

simple american said...

Immigration people are people too!

It's just that no one has told them yet.

LB said...

Do I really have to?!!!!..... *looks at ass*....... *.....*.... Sure? Haha..

Jeremy said...

That sucks, I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience there. I wish that there were no borders sometimes, and everyone was a citizen of the world, and that we didn't need visas, or things like that. Wouldn't that be great? Isn't it strange to think that you could be breaking the law by simply existing in the wrong place without some stupid papers?

may said...

oh no... they really do suck, don't they? never liked embassies myself, always feel like I'm under watch and in prison somehow... eeks!

J said...

nothing can beat the way some malaysians do their work here!

Jane said...

Everyone had bad experiences with embassy staffs also???

SA: I wouldn't tell them... some said more smiling, living longer...I think they don't live long!!!

LB: Only if I worked for embassy ok?

Jeremy: I do wonder who created border lines?

may: mmm..true..they even look down on people!! I hate that!!

J: I think every embassy staffs around the world!!! especially in those develop countries!!! I don't understand why???

JY said...

hi Jane, still cross? hope you're calmer. be careful with what you post, yah?

have heard of somewhat the same experience.

neko said...

damn, netherlands!! :P

E-Umm said...

visit Russia Jane.!!!!.
welcome to another world