Sunday, May 14, 2006

I got letter 'E'

I'm doing this meme from socialpest, and she gave me an 'E'. Here are my 10 words that begin with letter E:

1.English - It becomes my second language which I'm not good at yet. I need to study and practice more on writing part.
2.Email - I receive at least 20 new emails everyday... most of them are junk mails
3.Enjaho - My Yahoo messenger ID...
4.Evening - I like evening time the most.... especially sunset.
5.Ethan Hawke - I wish I could marry him...
6.Everest Mt. - I will go there...someday...I will
7.E = MC² - I don't know why I pick this one... it just came to my head!!!
8.Einstein, Albert – According to the previous word, I got this name. He said "Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love."
9.Earth - This lovely blue planet...that we are living on.
10.Errr... - That's what I say when I don't have anything to say or don't know what to say!!

And go get the letter of your own at Simple-America, he is a very kind old man.


L B said...

Lots of E's..

Emagination.. Oops, I got Gold again!!

simple american said...

"Old"? Old? snif snif.

I am old?

Have you been talking to my kids?

may said...

Evergreen - like some "oldies" we know... LOL!

Selba said...

Hahaha... this MEME is cute! *thinking to do it also*

Jane said...

@LB: Hooray!!! Mr. Gold Again!!

@simple american: Errr....

@may: Ever After...ahhh...why I forgot this one?

@Selba: Go get yourself a letter at a very kind, handsome and not 'old' man, simple american! ok?

carakoala said...

everlasting: lurve!! that was a nice meme! hugs my koala! :-) and yes....take your time with pics, whenever you feel inspired for, we will be here waiting, jaja!

JY said...

aren't you giving out letters of your own, Jane? so "lazy"! tsk tsk =P

Jane said...

@carakoala: Exactly!!!! ;-)

@JY: I am too lazy...hehehe and I know SA can do this job better than me!! hehe