Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and other temples

(our driver, Mr. Chamnan)

(Angkor Wat in overcast sky)

(Tomb Raider Temple)
(Siam smile VS. Bayon smile)

As I told you in the previous post that I don't have any good pictures from this trip...because of overcast weather. I do have more photos but I don't think they're good enough to show you...
So I think you may have to go see it by yourself... It's worth a visit!


Selba said...

Oh.. this is a must place to go...

someday.. someday.. :)

nice snaps!!!

Adrian Roberts said...

Great temples Jane and a great a smile as well your smile wins everytime Jane

Jeremy said...

I must say, Mr. Chanman was a really good Tuk Tuk driver, so peaceful and friendly. Great pictures Jane, I think considering our lack of good lighting that day, they turned out allright. I really really want to go back when I have some more time, and maybe do a little reading about the history of each temple too.

Zara's mama said...

Every time I come to your site.. you are making some trips to some where..

Aaah.. I'm so envious!!

Your shots of the Angkor is very very nice. I was there 4yrs ago..lovely place.

may said...

gosh, so many people I know have gone to Cambodia these past couple of years. now really makes me wanna plan a trip next year! nice photos!

simple american said...

I think the Siam smile won. Yay!!!

Zara's mama said...

Hi Jane, I noticed every time I leave a comments for you it get erased.. hmmm.. :|

Btw, I would like to check with you.. I'm thinking of going to Thailand for a holiday, I'd been to Phuket, Bangkok, Koh Samui, Koh Mak, Chiengmai, Kanchanaburi.

You have a good place to recommend? I love the beach and thought of going to Krabi, but I found that to get there, you have to fly to Phuket or Bkk and then another connecting flight. Very troublesom.

I'll be going with my 21mths daugther and hubby and I am pregnant, don't want to stress ourselves too much. Anywhere you can recommend? Kop Khun mak ka.

Nad said...

Angkor Wat was the first place in a book I read about the greatest places to see before you die.

I'm hoping to come to Bangkok in 2 years for about 6 weeks. But that's ages away!

oceanskies-py said...

This is fabulous photos. May I link to this post please? I hope you won't mind that I do so.

neko said...

you've been busy! living the good life and traveling?
cheers! cheers! :)

Jane said...

@Selba: Yes! Must go! Thanks!

@Adrian: hehehe... thanks Adrian

@Jeremy: Yes..but well... I just feel like... been there done that and now I'm thinking of other places to visit!!

@Zara's mama: hehehe... yeah... lately I've been traveling a lot!!! and Thanks!!!

@may: You should's cool.. but I suggest you to go from November to February... much nicer weather there!

@simple american: I think so!!! hehehehehe... yay!

@Zara's mama: What about Trang? There is flight by Thai airways to Trang and Trang beach and Islands are great!! not mention about good food!!!!

@Nad: Come come to Bangkok!!! You'll be very welcome here!!! 2 years...well... it's long but time flies you know?

@PY: Of course you can!!! Thanks!!!

@neko: we all live once... so enjoy living!! yeah?? I think you're doing the same too!! happy neko!!

pinkie said...

hi Jane, didn't know tat u r residing at Bangkok... thanks for sharing the pictures... I'm a buddhist and this is one part of Thailand which I very much wanna visit... cool!

pinkie said...

Hi Jane, thanks for sharing the pictures... this is one part of Thailand which I very much wanna go :)