Monday, August 07, 2006

Cattolica, Italy Part II (Final)

BIG mussels for my first dinner in Cattolica!!! The first real good dinner in Italy for me!!! (This is just first dish, I had fried seafood for main dish!)


Adrian Roberts said...

mmmm there look tasty very tasty

may said...



simple american said...

Mussels. Eat em all. *Slurps*

I'm home and enjoying your Italian pics. Woo Hoo!

neko said...

wow! good stuff :)

L B said...

OMG...... OMG.... how? No, I still prefer Lormaikai... I know I do.

Jane said...

@Adrian: It was really tasty.

@may: drooling still...

@simple american: welcome home..hugs.. woo hoo!

@neko: thanks

@L B: that mussels were really good but I prefer Thai food!!!