Monday, August 21, 2006

Busy Bee...

*many busy bees in our equipment room*
*Saitosan (my new boss) and Shimaosan (soon will be my ex-boss)*

*Saitosan and Jane*

On Thursday last week, I got a phonecall from my boss at 5 am. telling about a big case that happened about 10 years ago in Colorado, USA... not fully understood about it but knowing that I have to be in office ASAP!

Few minutes before 6 am., I arrived office... and started to get more information of what is going on. The suspect of JonBenet case was arrested in Bangkok last night. This is what we have to cover!!! and since that...I'd been busy..very busy...yes...very very busy!!

And the story as you have heard, watched on TV or newspaper or whatever media... I'm not going to say anymore details.

Oh! this case is a little special as it's my new boss's debut!! My new boss, Saito san, just arrived on Wednesday afternoon and John Mark Karr was arrest that night!!! Perfect timing to start working with a big and chaotic coverage... hehehe

Saito san....welcome to Thailand!!!


Selba said...

Wow... Congrats to Saito-san :)

Jeremy said...

Yes, I can attest to the fact that Jane has been busy. I miss you! Welcome Saito san!

neko said...

woman at work!

simple american said...

Welcome Saito san. Give Jane lots of dim sum breaks and photo opportunities. hehehe

Hugs for Jane. Aren't you glad to have one less nut in Thailand.

JY said...

where does Saito-san come from?

mistipurple said...

wow jane! i am so impressed!

Adrian Roberts said...

I thought that was you I saw last week when I was watching the news

J said...

AMAZING!! and such coolness!! i have followed the case when i was very young.. cases like these intrigued me, that i followed articles and writeups on it!! many issues cropped up..whereby instances of the family being murder suspects were discussed on..

and its even more amazing, and impressive that someone i know is covering the case!!

pinkie said...

wow, cool :)

carakoala said...

WOW WOW! your job is very entertainment koala!
not like me that i am enjoying a week off...muahahahahahaha! ok no me bad anymore.

Love you have it to keep you going so i wish you health and happiness babe! you will get your rest soon. And loved as well! :-)

love u too ma koalaaaaaaaaaaaa

Zara's mama said...

Even when you are busy.. you still have that big big smile! :)

Btw, how come your camera is so small compare to the rest of the journalist. :P

Jane said...

Sorry everyone for late reply.. as I'm still busy with more work.. new case and new coverage coming up!!!! oi... really busy!!!

@Selba: Will let him know...

@Jeremy: miss you too... sorry

@neko: yah! women rule!!

@simple american
: Hahaha..I will tell Saito-san what you said ok? and yeah.. I should be happy!

@JY: Fukuoka, Japan

@misti: Thank you misti... I'm a power girl huh?? hehehe

: Yeah.. I heard from many friends too that they saw me on TV!!! one said I was on CNN too... hehehehe.. it's just the way to be famous... you know? :-P

: You know what? I didn't know anything about this case when my boss woke me up at 5 and told me about it... I had no idea!!! but now I know a lot about it!!! amazing too!

@pinkie: Thanks for visiting.. :-) I like your blog's name..pinkiechoco!!!

: not really entertain for me sometimes... last night I finished working at 2.30 am... and tomorrow will start at 7 am.. I envy you!!!! 1 week off.. Koala..I love muchhh

@Zara's mama: Hehehe.. cuz I'm always happy!! Oh! It's Sony's PD-150... using it with Mini DV tape.. good camera but not as good as those big ones. I was just a back up camera, so I used only small one... hehe we have 2 Beta cameras (big ones) one was at Immigration with me at other angle and the other was at airport waiting for Mr. Karr to arrive... so thta's why I had a small one. :-) I'm not good enough to use the big one too!

JY said...

stupid question: why Japan?

J said...

ooh do blog more about it.. i am so excited you're somehow involved in the case.. is the media there crazy where like..u have to jostle with everyone to get a good shot, or everyone moves in an orderly fashion?

dusio said...

I love your blog. Beautiful pictures!