Monday, March 05, 2007

THHC™ Remix

As you all know that I was so busy (and most of the time lazy) to keep on The Hug Hug Club™ record every month in the past few months, so I have to do it all-in-one here this month (but I am still a little bit late)

Please forgive me, I will improve.... I promise. And here are the results!

December 2006

Kisses go to may 35 times
Kisses go to L B 27 times
Kisses go to Jeremy 22 times
Kisses go to Umm 3 times
Kisses go to simple american, py and neko 1 time each...

January 2007 (Only one post I had done)

Happy to may the 1st
Happy to Jeremy the 2nd
Happy to LB the 3rd
Happy to Swordman
Happy to simple american
Happy to madamrouge
Happy to Umm
Happy to J
And happy to carakoala

February 2007

A bunch of 13 roses for L B
A bunch of 11 roses for may
And 1 rose for Umm, simple american and Anonymous (my secret admirer?)

Let's see how fast you can chup and how fast I can report the best chupper for March!


Jeremy said...

Ouch...I didn't do so well last month...I'd better get this one off to a good start.

LB said...

Ho ho ho ho !!! Well done to everyone in the house!!!!

simple american said...

Reporting to chup chup chup!!!

may said...

waaaaaa!! I'm still there despite very few posts from you... whee! and all those kisses back to you too! *muuuuaaakkkkksssss*

carakoala said...

I am i get hugs!!!!!!!!!! jeje! :-P


PY said...

Wow, it is one of those first times that I actually won a kiss....for the hug hug club.