Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Cha-am&Hua hin trip (Day 1)

*The main room*
*The Entrance (in the old days)*
*Sleeping Buddha*

Last long weekend, we went on a road trip with P Toy, P Hui to Cha-am and Huahin. On the first day we planned to stay in one resort on the beach in Petchaburi but as we didn't book the room in advance and all of them were full!!!! Can you believe that? We drove from first beach...all resorts were fully booked, the second beach (about 15 km. from the first one) was also fully booked!!! and we kept searching, looking for any available room... but had no luck!

We ended up on Cha-am beach which was too crowded and that's NOT what we wanted, but we had no choice. We found 2 rooms at a guest house in front of the busiest area of Cha-am beach, the price was a little too expensive but it's long holiday and we didn't book it....and most important we were too tired to search for better. We decided to stay there but the rooms were not available until 9 pm. that night, so we had to hang out on the beach for the whole afternoon. We've got the rooms around 8.30 pm after having such a good and (expensive) seafood dinner!.

I had a bad headache all afternoon and evening, so after I took a shower, I went straight to bed and fell asleep right away....

That's all for day 1, to have more side stories, please wait for Jeremy to write more on his blog! Here I have some photos of the cave we visited before going to the beach as it's on our way to the beach.



Jeremy said...

Yes, the caves there were very cool! I wanted to explore more of them, but we didn't have a flashlight with us. Jane forgot to mention that while we were at the restaurant she noticed a Thai singer/supermodel named Odette Jacomin sitting at a table near us. I didn't really get a good look at her because she was directly behind me, but when she finished eating and was walking off I saw her, and she was very tall!

LB said...

These are all so beautiful pictures! Such serenity! No picture of Supermodel? *grin*

simple american said...

Caves are neat. As long as they don't have ghosts. Memories of caves past for me.

Did you wake Buddha up? hehe

may said...

I think that reclining Buddha looks quite regal, if I may say so. I've never really been in a cave, I think I'm kinda scared of bats... lol!

Umm said...

แสง สวย ดี เจน

cp1 said...

beautiful pictures and this remind me of the Ong Bak (the story of the kick boxing guy)

Jane said...

@Jeremy: Hey! How did you get the first Chup every time!

@LB: I was too busy with my food... no time for paparazzi

@simple american
: I tried not to wake him up. I didn't use flash!

@may: there was a bats cave inside this one but the guide didn't let us in.. and it was too dark. I didn't want to wake the bats either!

@Umm: Yes.. it was... How can I send you postcard? Still at the same address?

@cp1: I didn't see that movie... is it good?

cp1 said...

that movie .. seen it more than 3 times .. really good kick boxing work!!!