Monday, March 19, 2007

Hello from the restive south!

I'm here in the South of Thailand... in a hotel in Pattani, I will spend a night here. I flew to Hat yai this morning and drove to Yala province... into the troubled area where there is curfew at night!

I just wanna let you know that I'm fine and safe here... We planned to go back to Bangkok this evening but as we had an unlucky day today that made us behid the schedule, so we couldn't drive back to airport as it's too late and too dangerous to be on the road after 5 pm., and that's the reason why I'm staying here in the hotel.

I haven't reserved the plane ticket yet! I should! Ok! Gotta go!
See you in Bangkok!


Sowrdsman said...

Wow!! Amazing!!
Take a lot of care and go back quickly to a safer place!

may said...

I'm glad that you're fine and safe too. come back in one piece so you could tell us more wonderful stories, ok? hugs for the journey home!

simple american said...

Sounds like a sudden trip. Take care of yourself. Don't want you to be hurt.

Umm said...

Brave heart jing jing Jane!!! Take lot of cares!!!

cp1 said...

*closing eyes* praying

carakoala said...

So Jane, did you get back home? hope you are okay and safe back with your love! :-)