Friday, March 02, 2007

Off to the beach!

First of all..I would like to thank THHC™ master, L B for giving me new design of my THHC™ logo... HUGS for you!

And I have to say sorry as I've been busy and blank head for the last few days, so I didn't make any report yet! YET! I promise I will post it immediately after I come back from the beach!

Oh..Yeah... speaking of going to the beach... We are going to the beach this long weekend. I will be back on Monday, I hope it's not too late for the THHC™ report. Plus I will post some photos from the trip too....

So... please be patient with me. Thanks everyone!

Happy weekend and Happy holiday!


Jeremy said...

Oh yeah, it's time to get out of the city and out to the beach...I can't wait!

LB said...

Oh yeah! The Beach!!! With Leonardo? Whhheeeee, oh, wait! With Jeremy!!!

Can't wait for Monday! HUGS XXX

carakoala said...

I can see Master Lb footprint in here !!! LOVELY JOB!!!

babe, enjoy the beach and the sun and all. Take all the good vibrations from the rays and let them fullfill you!! :-*

may said...

whee! the beach! I should pop up there too before summer goes away for a long long time... enjoy yourself!

kyh said...

CHUP!!!! waiting to see ur logo!!!

py said...

Nice logo. L B must be very pleased!

cp1 said...

woohoo party by the beach site .. *splish splash splush* who reaches the boat 1st?? LOL

Jane said...

@Jeremy: We had really great time there huh? Let's do it again soooooooon!

@L B: I wish I could go with Leonardo... but there was no room in our car! too bad!

@carakoala: Eh... you haven't seen his logo yet! Thanks koala.. the beach did good job on me.. very relax.... loved it!

@may: the summer will be here for a long time.. it's getting hot and hotter... better jump into the sea to cool down! *splash*

@kyh: Thanks for coming... you will see soon!

@py: logo? where?

: I guess I did reach the boat first huh? :-)

simple american said...

Cool! The beat. I wanna see all of those new pictures of Jane's Journeys!