Saturday, October 01, 2005

Last two for Final...

We've got Federer (as expected) and The kid from GB!!! Andy Murray who beat Paradorn in semi final today!! It was fun... the matches were fun and very good but the people who sat around me were not!!! On my left..there was a family with 2 kids!! I hate kids!!! Behind me there was an old guy who said everything that everyone could see...something like..Oh! it's out! Oh! it's should be in! Oh! No! Just a little bit..Oh! Net..Oh! Oh!Oh!
Damn it!!! I will consider again for next year that I should watch it from home... I would be more happy!!!

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Simple American said...

Jane thats why I carry duct tape everywhere I go.

Duct the kids to their chair and they cannot move. They shout duct tape thier mouth. Works on the old guy too.

See simple solution.