Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Update from Islamabad!

I'm still alive!! And be well...just exhausted.. been working non stop sincee arriving on Sunday morning, but I think those rescue teams are working much harder than me..
I don't have time to take pictures...and here, there are so many things that I want to show you guy..many amazing things to see.
I will try my best to take photos and to show you Pakistan from my view.
God bless everyone including me..
See you later!


Anonymous said...

I'm sending a big fat hug your way.

Simple American said...

May God truly bless you.

And do take care of you.

Let me leave a big fat muscle tearing hug for you.

(Mine not your muscles)

Jane said...

Thank you..Thank you...Hug you back... with big fat muscle tearing and extremely exhausted hugs...

Caracola said...

Thanks for dedicating me a little of ur oh so busy time! i really apreciatted my koala! sending u loads of hugs too!!! take care pretty Jane!

Jane said...

Today I transformed to Zombie..instead of panda. I had 2 hours sleep last night, woke up at 1 am. and been working until now!! and...I think I can go to bed again around 10 or 11 pm. tonight!
Greeting to you all..from Zombie Jane..
P.S. I had a short nap today for 1 hour.. I chose to skip my breakfast..and took a nap. That's all about me today!! But I'm still alive!

Simple American said...

Hang in there Jane. Rooting for you all the way.