Thursday, October 27, 2005

Pakistan Earthquake : Day 10 (I lost my ticket)

This is the one..saying I lost my flight ticket. I needed this paper before I can go and report the police that I really lost my ticket. The police won't listen to you of you don't have this paper!!!!!


Simple American said...

Are you sure you lost your ticket?


Well did you document your loss?


Well if you lost it there has to be documentation otherwise we don't believe you.

Simple American said...

What a stupid system. Glad you are in Thailand now Jane.

Jane said...

Hahahaha... I was thinking just like you!! SA...
and that document costs me 150 PKR!!!
Then after getting that paper..I was so furious...I just let local coordinator did th erest in Police station for me.
They did ask about me...But Hell!! I had so many things to do... so do it!! Make a resport for me so I can claim it to the airline office!!!
Finally got everything... but I didn't use that ticket (new ticket issued), I changed the route/airline. :-P