Friday, September 01, 2006

Beezee Hug Hug Club

Ahh... here comes another month of Hug Hug Club! Last month was a real busy month for me... I didn't post much... (I promised that I will post more than July but seemed like I couldn't make it!!) I should post more this month... is the result! Let's see... who is not too busy to visit my blog!!

Golden Bee: Adrianzz (38 buzz)
Silver Bee: Jeremyzz (36 buzz)

Bronze Bee: mayzz (29 buzz)

*Last month, these bees also got highest scores, nobody can beat these 3 chuppers huh? Hey!! I dare you!! Come here and beat them... I know you can chup faster!!! Come!!! Now!!!*

Here are slower bees:
Selba (19 buzz)
Simple American (12 buzz)

mistipurple (10 buzz)

neko (9 buzz)

py (6 buzz)
L B (4 buzz)

Mike (3 buzz)

J (1 buzz)
JY (1 buzz)
Lennard (1 buzz)


Jeremy said...

So close! Only two points away! Looks like Adrian beat me this month, but I'm off to a good start for September! Chup!

J said...

hahhah how does this buzz buzz work?!! soooo darn cute!!! hahahahah.. sorry i can't buss much... been a little busy..eventhough its not the first buzz, i'll keep buzzing k?

may said...

woo-hoo!! still managed a silver bee... wheee!! bzzbzzbbzzzzz...

simple american said...

I'm not a beezz chupper. :(

Congratulations to the winners. :)

mistipurple said...

haha. all the results are coming in early this month!
can i bribe you with some honey to get first place? guess not. haha

carakoala said...

i think i am already deas this month.....i loved the bees hug hug club keke!!

I will try harder !!! ^-^

JY said...

=) though i didn't have time to, i still made it to the list.

L B said...

Me too, me too. I will try harder this month!!! :-) I am back!!! Now, did you say you needed a messenger boy?

Umm said...

hahaha ตกสำรวจ

Jane said...

@Jeremy: You Chup!!! Weee!!!

@J: Keep buzzing.. yeahzzzz

@may: not a silver but still chup a bronze!

@simple american
: You could be... try harder! hehehe

@misti: honey bun and choco? don't tell anyone... I can do that for you..sshhh..

@carakoala: yeah.. I know you've been a beezee bee too... hugs...

@JY: Yeah! whoopi!

@L B: Oh! right! I need your help... I will write you later!!!

@Umm: You gotta try harder na..where are you now?? Thailand or Russia??

Selba said...

Eh... am not bad... still got ranking no. 4!!! hahaha...