Sunday, September 03, 2006


New game!

Copy all these name & movies to your own blog and take the name of a movie and replace one of the words with Orgasm for yourself. Put it at the bottom line. Don't forget to put your name on it.
Here we go!

Jaime: Beyond Orgasm
Derek - The Neverending Orgasm
Jimbo - A Orgasm to Remember
Eric- Willy Wonka and the chocolate orgasm
kaylie- Feild of Orgasm
Chady - White Men Can't Orgasm! (hehehe we play this game alot at b-dubs) ... i also like The Orgasm of Emily Rose ^^
Nikki O~~orgasms of the caribbean!
Brandon--How to Lose a Guy in Ten Orgasms
Sara - The sweetest Orgasm
Beth- My big fat greek orgasm
Chrissy-Big Momma's Oragasm
Ryan- Scary Orgasm 4
Meghan~ House of 1,000 Orgasms
Katie~ Confessions of an Orgasm Queen
MaLs~ Legally [Orgasm]ic! <~~That work? Cause I so Am!!
Maria ~ The Perfect Orgasm
Kirsten~ Lord of the orgasm
Liz--Orgasm Monster
Eric - You've Got Orgasm
Ross - The Lion, The Witch, and The Orgasm
Chris H.- I give..... Titanic orgasm's ;)
Lisa- 101 orgasms
Riley- Puff the magic Orgasm !
Molly - Orgasms on a plane
Chad- Orgasm Woman (Catwoman)
Aaron - Orgasm Down Below (Fire)
Tarren- Orgasm Rabbit (crusader)
Zack- Orgasm Hill (Silent)
Cesley- The Orgasm Club
Jeri Anne-Coach Orgasm(Carter)
Erin- The 40 year old orgasm!
Cherrish-Jay and Silent Orgasm Strike Back
Ross - O Orgasm, Where Art Thou?
Jason - Dr. StrangeOrgasm
Joe - Indiana Jones and the Orgasm of Doom (Temple)
Matt - V for Orgasm
Kelsey - Nine Orgasms
Scooter - I Sill Know What You Did Last OrgaSM
Brad - Orgasm Fest!
Ciara- Dave Barrys Complete Guide To Orgasms
Geno- Orgasm Powers
Jane- 50 First Orgasms


Jeremy said...

Hahahahaha!!! :-)

may said...

50 first orgasms?! O.O!!
LOL!! that's a good one. hmmm, mind would be... Lord of the Orgasms... wakakakaka!

L B said...

Good ones!!

- Brokeback Orgasm

carakoala said...

muahahahahahahaaha!! so FUNNY!!! :-D

t said...

proundly present:

"Dude, where is my orgasm?"

Adrian Roberts said...


simple american said...

Orgasms of the Caribbean.