Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Coup! and Measles!

Yeah! As you have known about situation in Thailand since the night of 19th September... and I had been so busy since then.
I don't know what to tell about the coup... This is my first experince, as the one 15 years ago, I was still in highschool in the south, I watched the situation in television and couldn't do anything. But this time... I got some information before it actually happened... and it was like chaos!
Now I'm on my sick leave... staying home, resting. There was another thing happened on the same day as the coup...it's the measles! I didn't know I've got it until today!! I went to hospital this morning (it's the only day that I'm not too busy at work and finally having some free time to go see my doctor as I missed one appointment for my knee last week). First doctor I met today was my Orthopedic doctor, after examined my knee, he said "This is not good, you need an injection." I was thinking [NO!! Hell NO!!! No injection!!] he coninued "It's been more than 2 weeks and taking more medicine won't help, today I will give you an injection and will see if you feel better, next week you don't have to come to see me, it's wasting your taxi fee."
Then he started writing something on my filesheet and told his nurse to prepare for injection and then said to me "Get on the bed"..... "Knee".... "Don't look!" (Well... he didn't have to say that, I had no plan to look at it anyway!)

You know what? It was hurt!!! So much!!! Having injection into my knee.... oh.... what an experience!!

After that.... I had appointment to see my Dermathology doctor... I have had this annoying rash since the day after the coup and I thought I got allergic to something and today I will find out. When I met my doctor, showing him the rash and he did some more exam on my throat area..he told me "You have a kind of measles" I thought [MEASLES!!! What??] he said "It's not a serious disease, and it will go away after 10 days, no need to worry. It's just a kind of virus. And you need to get some rest, this will heal your measles."

Well... at least now I know what happened to me... and as the doctor said it's not serious, no need to worry... so I called in for sick leave and rested at home. I woke up one hour before... it was good sleep. I hope I get well soon.

Thank you everyone for visiting here...and supporting me. I love you all...
Oh! the pictures of the coup will be posted when I go to work tomorrow.... wait ok?

*edited* All pictures're takend by BBsan... Thank you!!


L B said...

Wow, measles?!!! Isn't that a bit late in the day too? I think that was a childhood illness, usually.. Anyway, at least you're having a good rest, and recovering. Poor knee!! Get well soon, ok? I spoke with Stefano today, and he is in fine spirits! Sends his regards too. Much love, LB

Adrian Roberts said...

Get well Jane and I hope your back at work soon

simple american said...

Glad you are okay. I vote for Jane to take over Thailand.

Get better too. Knee and measles. Poor mei mei. Big HUG!!!

may said...

oh no, the dreaded measles!! get well soon, ya? lots of chicken soup, good lovin' and hugs!!

Adrian Roberts said...

Don't let the measles ruin the rest of the week for Jane eat lots of chicken soup,and get lots and lots of rest ok.
Mega Hugs to my dear Jane

carakoala said...

Oh my poor koala! hope you recover soon from your virus...about the knee...what do you have? do you have to do some therapie? some special exercise? oi oi poor jane! GET WELL SOON BABE!!! luv u!!!!

J said...

*jeez* i leave you alone and you get sick?!! *wink* you poor girl.. and u havent been resting what with work and all.. how come u are going back to work soo soon? i thought if u have measles u have to be quarantined at home?!

Kunstemaecker said...


L B said...

LB *HUGS* Jane

simple american said...

The pics are nice. I recognize those tanks. Look like M60. US used these before the Abrams tanks used in both Iraq wars. At least the troops look friendly.

madamerouge said...

Yikes! Rest up & get well.

Jane said...

@L B: Yeah..I wonder that too... but what I have it's German Measles... can happen to adult too! Thanks...It's Friday! I will rest more this weekend!

@Adrian: Thanks..I will

@simple american: Thanks for your vote...BIG HUG!!!

@may: no chicken soup but tom yum goong! yah! getting better now... thanks

@Adrian: Mega HUGS back to you! Happy Friday!

@carakoala: Thanks babe... I'm getting better and better! Love you too!

@J: Well.... I didn't know I had measles until I was getting better... so I think the virus already spread out in office!!! I'm sorry....

@Kracker: Thanks.. I will be the best President ever! I promise!

@L B: Hugs... I hope you don't get measles virus from my hug!

@simple american: I saw on on news article, th eheadline is "Thai Coup, Smooth as silk"

@madamerouge: Thanks... I'm getting much better now and it's Friday! I'm going to rest more this weekend!!

Selba said...

Get well soon, ok :)