Monday, September 11, 2006

Chinese in Amsterdam...

I know it's been more than 2 months when I was in Amsterdam but I haven't had a chance to tell you about my trip... well, you saw some photos but not heard stories from me right?
Now it's time for me to sit back and start telling you what I really did there and what I experienced when I did backpacking alone around Amsterdam and Italy.. for 2 weeks!
Today I will start with Amsterdam...

*Schiphol Airport*
6th July 2006... my direct flight from Bangkok arrived on time at Schiphol Airport...with a little problem during my flight, I had a little fight with a crazy Chinese tour-guide woman about the seats as I was supposed to have all 4 seats for myself before she came in and told me to move away my feet as I was laying down sleeping!!! It's not her seat!!! She let her client had 4 seats while she came and took 2 out of 4 from me!!! Bitch!!! She was trying to sit on my feet as I didn't move my feet for her!!!
Anyways...after that flight, the immigration process was quick and no problem for me at all... I took the train to Amsterdam Centraal Station (4.10 euro, it's 3,60 but as I didn't have coin for Ticket vending machine, I gotta buy from staff booth and they charge 0,50 euro for service! *Damn!* ... and then I took the Tram to my hostel. (I got the 15 strips for 6,70 euro and I didn't know how to validate it first time I used it, so I didn't spend any strip on my first trip to Hostel! Sorry! The staff at Hostel told me later how to do it.)

*Entrance to my hostel*
I arrived my hostel too early, as I was supposed to check in after 2 pm. and I was there around 10.00 am., so I gotta deposit my big bag in a locker that cost me 1 euros for 4 hours. Off...I'm free from huge and heavy bag, me and my small bag ready to explore Amsterdam.

When I was there, the weather was so nice..around 20C, I walked, walked and walked...first I planned to walk around hostel area, not to go too far as I was afraid I can't find the way back before 2 pm! but I ended up walking all around Amsterdam town..well... I lost! but in that case I found many interesting things and places. I walked through tourists spots and non-tourist spots... and I also found the way back to my hostel around 1 pm! Good job! From now on, you can ask me about the street in Amsterdam... I know many of them! yes many! I've been there...done (walked) that! Yah!
I had a cold sandwich for lunch... it was ok.. but I had no choice, I was hungry and there was a sandwich shop in front of me. I walked back to my hostel and sat down writing postcards to friends and myself. After checking in and putting all my stuffs in my dorm room, I shared the room with other 15 girls, but I think the room was not full... I saw some blank beds.

*Upper view from my bench*
Again... Exploring Amsterdam on second round... this time I bought a map for 2,50 euros. I hope I will not get lost again! and I didn't!! Whoopi!! Walk, walk, walk... and walk... Oh... I did take the Tram to Vondel Park as I was too feet and my legs were tired. Spending some times in the park reading my Lonely Planet book about Amsterdam, planning for next days then I took the Tram back to Centraal Station..
It's time for dinner! I didn't prepare to have western food and I didn't want to have Thai food in Amsterdam! Thank God! I found a Chinese restaurant!!! Walked inside, smelled familiar food... Making quick decision! This is it! My first dinner in Amsterdam, I will have Chinese!

Really good taste... yummy grilled pork + steamed rice and iced tea... for 11,50 euros at Nam Kee restaurant... Really stuffed and happy! (They gave me too much change, so I went back to the restaurant and returned the extra euro to them)
With full energy again, I was ready to explore Red Light District! I walked pass it during daytime (when I got lost trying to find the way back to my hostel), there was nothing to see and I didn't realize it's Red Light Distract! But with my map, I found out that my hostel is not too far from this famous area and I could walk pass it and reach my hostel easily!
I was fun! I don't know I should feel fun seeing women wearing sexy outfit in the small glass room, waiting for customers. But many of them were friendly... they even smiled to me, even they know I'm not their customer (obviously)!
I didn't spend much time there... as I was so tired from walking around Amsterdam and the next day I had to get up early to catch the train to Alkmaar for my friend's wedding. I decided to go back to sleep.... but the problem is.... I couldn't sleep!!! There was light in Amsterdam until 11 pm!!! I am not used to that!! I can't sleep when it's not dark... Poor Jane... falling asleep around 11.30 pm. and had to wake up at 5 am as the sun was up again!! Argh!! At least I was not late for the train, actually... I was too early!!


L B said...

Absorbing tale of your Amsterdam adventure... Good, eh? I can't wait to read about Cattolica though, to be honest! :-)

may said...

4 seats to yourself? waaaa!! that must've been great, if only she didn't take away 2 of them! the bbq pork looks great for Amsterdam standards... *grin*

Adrian Roberts said...

I was wondering when you were going to show more photos of Amsterdam, it looks like a very good place to go for a holiday. The picture of the grilled pork looks mouth watering LUCKY YOU Jane :D

neko said...

you go all the way to amsterdam for chinese food? :P

madamerouge said...

I loved Amsterdam. Fun gay nightlife and you don't have to know how to speak Dutch.

madamerouge said...

I loved Amsterdam... fun gay nightlife.

Jane said...

@L B: Wait! You gotta have that Cattolica part for sure! soon!!! Oh! Please say Hi to Stefano for me if you see him!

@may: It tasted good for Amsterdam standard.. hehehe

@Adrian: More will come!

: Well..I have to say.. Yeah! :-P

: I'm sure I've seen many gays in Amsterdam... yeah!

simple american said...

You should have kicked the Chinese lady and called the Stewardess. Who is she to take your seats. Bitch is right.

Poor Janey. I experienced the same in Alaska where the sun seemed to always be up. Rats.

Kunstemaecker said...

niiiiice. except i hate cheese.