Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Cheesy Town

Day two in Netherlands, I woke up since 5 am. as the sun was already up and I was up with the sun! Getting myself ready for the short trip to Alkmaar for the big day! It's my friend, Yvonne's wedding day!!! and you all know I was a maid of honour for this..
Leaving hostel around 7.30 pm (I guess I took too much time preparing!), walked to Centraal train station and caught the Intercity train to Alkmaar for 6,30 euros (one way) and the train departed for Alkmaar at 8.19 am., the ceremony will not happen until 4 pm. Why do I have to go there so early? No.. not because I was maid of honour..no.. It's something else! It's the CHEESE!!!

Every Friday during summer time in Alkmaar, there will be the famous cheese market! It's all happening in one square (I don't remember the name) and the fun part starts at 10.00 am. every Friday. Many tourists come to see this market... hmm.. for myself, it's not really fun!!! But it's interesting. You can buy the cheese from them too... but as I will have another 2 weeks to go, carrying some cheese around would not be a good idea!

I met a Thai woman who lives here with her husband, she is a friend of Yvonne and she was so kind to wake up so early to come to Alkmaar to be my guide! (she lives 30 minutes away by train), P Pannee waited for me at Alkmaar station and showed me around the town, it was her first time to see Cheese market too... so we both enjoyed it that morning. We had famous Dutch fries for brunch.. as we were so hungry, we ordered medium size and ended up throwing half of it away! It was really good... hot fries in cool weather as it was a little cold that day in Alkmaar, no sunshine, a little cloudy and windy! brrrr... for me!

P Pannee walked me to Yvonne's house where I was supposed to help her in anything she needed. I was helping a little bit... and then when it's time, we all moved to the old City Hall where the wedding ceremony took place. I wasn't doing my maid of honour duty very well as I was doing a photographer's job at the same time but I am glad, Yvonne and Mario loved all my photos from the wedding! Yay!

After wedding, it's time for dinner!!! It was sooooo good!! I think it's the best meal I had in Europe during this trip! It's French... 4 courses... ahh... people at my table are really cool! International! One from Singapore, one from Brazil, one from Indonesia, me from Thailand and another 2 Dutch guys! Good food and non-stop conversation... I really had good time. Thank you so much Yvonne!

With food and wine...and more wine... more chatting... It's time to go back. I was lucky, I didn't have to take the train back to Amsterdam. There was a couple drove me back to my hostel as they live in Amsterdam too and not too far from my hostel!!! That night I came back to my hostel at 1 am. What a long happy day!!! (and I only spent 6,30 euro for the whole day!!!)


Jeremy said...

It sounds like ya'all had a good time. I wanna go!!

L B said...

That's sure one heck lot of cheese!! They look so pretty too, in nice patterns.. You should have bought one.. It would be great nibbling on it during those two weeks!

simple american said...

You should have bought some cheese. Then you always have a snack. :)

Adrian Roberts said...

That cheese looks fantastic I hope you enjoyed yourself

may said...

for a moment there, if you didn't mention cheese, I thought those were yellow burger buns! oooh, great shot for the last picture!

neko said...

that sure is alot of cheese! :P

py said...

I like your post on Europe. Thanks. :)

Jane said...

@Jeremy: You should go!

@LB: The other problem is... I don't like cheese!!!

@Simple American: Same answer... I don't like cheese!!!

: Just to see them is good... but not tasting them!

: Thanks :-) I just realised when you said it! they don't look like cheese!

@neko: yeah... all cheese...

: thanks..I will write more too!

Selba said...

Cheeessseeeeeee... I love it!!!

Call me... Miss Mouse, hehehe