Wednesday, March 08, 2006

11 CDs for 1000 baht...

I'm the Pirate Queen!!! hehehe... What did I get this time? Oh!! Only 6 CDs (another 5 go to Jo) but all songs from 11 CDs..

Here we are:

1. James Blunt*, Chasing Time: the bedlam session
*Will you marry me, James?
2. Richard Ashcroft, Keys To The World
4. Jack Johnson and Friends, Sing-A-Longs and Lullabies for the film Curious George
5. Tahiti 80, Fosbury
6. Pink Martini, The best of Pink Martini

Another 5
7. Beth Orton, Comfort Of Strangers
8. Oasis, Don't Believe The Truth
9. Fiona Apple, Extraordinary Machine
10. Dave Matthews Band, Stand Up
11. Jamie Cullum, Catching Tales

And then we make them all into MP3, and share each other...I'm happy.... Are you happy??? Everybody loves music!!!


Kunstemaecker said...

Half of those bands, I like, but, OMG NOT JAMES BLUNT?????? NOOOO

Kunstemaecker said...

Half of those bands I like, but, OMG NOT JAMES BLUNT??? WHYYYYYY?????

Jane said...

Cuz YOU don't like HIM!!! hehehe...

lin said...

hey share some for me!

simple american said...

I guess we call you the music girl. ;)

Jane said...

@Lin: Let's meet up and I will share you some!

@SA: I'm a (pirate) music girl!! Muahahaha...