Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Do It!!!

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You can come out now; it's finally safe. That means whatever you've been trying to forget about --in vain, judging by the quality of your sleep lately --will finally become no more than a distant memory. In the meantime, you can do yourself a tremendous favor by simply letting go of the anger and resentment you've been feeling --and what finer way to do just that than by taking yourself out for a ride, a shopping spree or a massage? A nice, long one. Do it to it.
Massage...sounds good!
Do it...whatever...Just Do It!


simple american said...

Do it Jane!

Just do it!!!

carakoala said...

DOOOOOOOOOOOO IIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTT!! at least for me! hell no! DO IT FOR U!!!!!!!! ot feels great to do it....and is just simple things in life! muacks!!!!!!!

Jane said...

I will go for a 2-hour massage today!!