Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A Single Woman Looking for Millionaire Husband

I got inspired from Brighter Death, so I decided to post this:

A 27 years old (going 28 this April) single woman is looking for a single millionaire* to be my husband.

This wicked, funny, insane woman is called Jane (not her real name but real nickname). Thai nationality, never been married and never had children (not get along well with children actually).

Have some education in a university in Thailand, majoring in mass communication (but has problem to communicate with others, always make people confused.) and also minoring in motion pictures and still photography (now only do it for hobby, watching movies and taking photos)

Have been working for 6 years in many companies (all in media field) but now doesn't want to work anymore. <-- This is the reason why I'm looking for a millionaire hubby.

Love travel, love travel so much... prefer travel with husband but if husband is busy, can travel alone. Just give credit cards and (lot of) cash in bank account.

Can cook Thai cuisine and some Chinese dishes (but better have someone else taking care of this if you want to live longer.)

Appreciate arts and music, don't mind having own gallery or music studio. Can attend concert/opera/theatre and other performances with pleasure.

Spend most of the time in bed reading books, any kind of books. If have your own library would be advantage.

If interested, please send your recent photo and financial statement to my email address (no phone call please) before April 25th, 2013.

*millionaire = currency accepted are United Kingdom Pounds(GBP), Euro(EUR) and United State Dollars(USD)

What else should I say? Do you think any millionaire will read this post and contact me? Hmmm.... or you can spread this by mouth or your blog. I would appreciate your support(If I can really marry one millionaire, you will have some benefit too).

Ok... Millionaires, here I come! Watch out!

PS. I did this today because my Horoscope says this:
Daily extended (by Astrology.com)
You're due to catch someone's eye -- and touch their heart, too -- in a very, very nice way, thanks to the heavens, who are in a tender, romantic mood. As a result, your already sensual nature will be running on high, but you'll also be ready to have a nice, heart-to-heart chat -- in private. If there's something you need to say either to create or improve the closeness between you, go right ahead. There's no time like the present.


carakoala said...

ROFLOL LMAO!!!!! millionare hubby can only give you troubles la! better to look for one who loves you (which in that case, if he is billionaire even better) . And yes, if you cannot travel with him i will join join JOIN YOU!!!!!!!! ;-)

I AM still laughing!!!!! ROFLOL!!!!

py said...

I shall hope for you that a billionnaire comes and decides to love you with all his heart and soul. :)

Kunstemaecker said...

I'm gonna do the same on my blog. woo haa!!

Paulie said...

What if I am a few dollars short of a Million? Is a million dollars a must, or are you flexible?

simple american said...

I need to find one too! Female though. And she has to acceopt the missus too. Then I start a harem. hehehe

Jane said...

@cara: Let's do Girls' Power forum!!! hahahaha...

@PY: Thank you so much PY..I wish that too!

@Kunstemaecker: I'm waiting to see that ad.

@Paulie: How much are you short of? Maybe I can lend you some and you pay me back with interest later, ok?

@Simple American: I think the missus must accept your idea too!

L B said...

I used to be a millionaire... when they paid me in Lira... Now, the Euros don't look so millionairish....

Jane said...

@L B: I only accept millionaire in 3 standard currency as listed above. ;) Lira is not accepted!!!

Maria Isabel said...

Woow!!! you are amaizing and I wish I know how to put my own blog. If by any chance you find an old millionare who only needs somebody to take good care of him, but willing to adopt 4 children let me know I will be a servant for him the rest of my life if I can get to have the support for my kids and make great people out of them.