Friday, March 03, 2006

Thai Boxing!

I went to Thai boxing class today!!!
It was really fun...and funny too... :-)
2 punch, to use attack...and to learn how to protect myself...
The teacher is fun.. he was 3 times champion in Thai boxing!!
He is really good though...
I'm going again next week!!!
Jane..Kick Ass!!!


Nad said...

I use to do Chinese kickboxing. Not quite the same but still very fun! So cool.

Carakoala said...

JANE!!! that looks like a good therapy for me! i will imagine my boss everytime i PUNCH it! jjajajaja!

U enjoy your weekend! sorry i keep missing you. I have 4 days to haunt you! ;-P
Hugs my koala!!!!

JY said...

Do you have to practise with anyone? (scary thought)

Lin said...

Where is that la ?
Is it close to our offices?

Jane said...

Yes!!! It works well...if you think of someone you hate..and kick ..kick..and punch!! So good!!

@Nad: I think it's similar to chinese... it's to kick someone's ass anyway! Yah!

@carakoala: I should think of my ex's face...hehehe.. Ok! I will haunt you back!

@JY: I practiced with teacher... and he has protection..don't worry!

@Lin: At Fitness First, they have Thai Boxing class for 2 hours every Friday!

simple american said...

Hahahaha Kick thier ass Jane. hehehe Wishing you good lessons.

Jane said...

@SA: I'm going back to the class this friday!! If I meet the thief again I will kick his ass!!