Thursday, March 02, 2006

Firing mouth!!

Oi... the food I ate for lunch is buring my mouth....
Let's see what I consumed and will consume today!

Morning: Thai pork sausage + mixed fruits shake (หมูยอ กับน้ำผลไม้ปั่น)

Lunch: White rice + super spicy chicken curry (no coconut) with bamboo shoot and fried minced pork (แกงป่าไก่หน่อไม้ กับหมูสับทอดราดข้าว) + papaya

Dinner: Yen ta foe noodle (noodle with pink sauce made from fermented tofu) - บะหมี่เย็นตาโฟแห้ง ไม่ใส่เลือด + guava

That chicken curry is super!! burning hot I meant.... but papaya saved me... ahhh...I'm full now...and really need siesta!!

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