Friday, March 17, 2006

Finally Friday!!!

Imagine...Jane in orange t-shirt dancing around her office alone as nobody is here...again
It's Friday!!
It's finally Friday!!
Aha!! It is Friday, people!! Let's celebrate!!
Do you have any plan for tonight? I do!!
I sound so happy right??
YEAH!! I am happy!!


simple american said...

Do you only dance if the t-shirt is orange?

Jane said...

Nope...but I'm wearing orange today!!!

neko said...

hmmm.... you are too happy...
fun naughty plans tonight? :)

Jane said...

Happy? -- Yes
Fun? -- Yes, I hope
Naughty? -- I hope not... ;-)

carakoala said...

jANE DEAR...HOw come i cannot hera the song? lol! and THAT is one of my fav songs ever from THE CURE! ;-p
Now i love u even more!!!!

my friday was a blast! finally had time to be with friends dancing, drinking, was awesome!

L B said...

Suddenly it is already Sunday for me!!!! Where did the weekend go?!

Jane said...

carakoala: can't hear the song?? I don't know... hahaha and I love you too!

L B: I wonder that too... It's Sunday afternoon now!!!